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With over 30 years of experience in the surf and health & fitness industry, along with a team comprised of a tight-knit family group we can’t wait to welcome you to Ohana Surf & Fitness!
From celebrity fitness to surf lessons, personal training, weight loss programmes, lifestyle management,  life coaching, corporate surf/fitness holidays, Pilates, retreats in stunning locations around the UK and Canary Islands and so much more, we have a selection of activities for you to choose from.
Our motto is simple’ We love what we do and we do what we love’.
If you want to achieve excellence in something,  you have to love doing it. It really is that simple.
We have combined our love, passion, skill and internationally certified qualifications in our respective areas, to bring you a completely different experience in surfing and fitness related activities. We strive to maintain a balance between providing a high standard of tuition and training in a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere.
Here at Ohana, we don’t take ourselves seriously but we do take our responsibility to provide you with the very best service, as well as the very best laughs seriously. The laughs are very important. Seriously. We only teach in small groups, to ensure you receive focused attention and tuition, regardless of your choice of activity.
Coming from a large family, we understand the importance of togetherness and unlimited support. These are key skills which we implement into all areas of our training. We cater for all ages, skill levels, individuals, groups and families.
We look forward to welcoming you to our Ohana.


We pride ourselves in what we do as well as our family values, which are at the core of our business. We are firm believers that you truly can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to.
Behind every success story is a team. A team of people who have supported, helped, encouraged and believed in one another. Some dreams and goals may require different resources and time, but ultimately you WILL achieve anything your mind ‘touches’. It is a universal law (pretty awesome right?).
Sometimes we have to change our ‘course’ or ‘direction’ in order to reach our goals, but ultimately you WILL arrive at your desired ‘destination’ and it will be just as amazing as you had imagined. FACT!
 From health and fitness goals, to learning a new sport or strengthening your mindset, we would love to welcome you to join our ‘Ohana’ and experience the support from a family who would love to help you achieve your goals and more.


What an incredible experience and one I will never forget!
Tee an her team welcomed me with open arms (literally) and I felt like part of the family from day one.  It has always been a dream of mine to learn how to surf, and at 50
I can now show my kids a thing or two! Thank you Ohana…I will be back!
Jack, Oxford

South Africans are my favourite! Seriously though, this family have completely changed my life! Having gone through some trials recently I really needed a break, and to be surrounded by good people. I got way more with Ohana than I ever expected. I designed my own package, which consisted of personal training, life coaching,  a weight loss plan and one ‘hesitant’ surf lesson. More than that however, I ‘found myself’ again. I am forever grateful.


Neil, Kent

My wife and I enjoyed a week of fitness (attempted) and surf ( also attempted) sessions with Tee and the team. Their carefree and professional attitude was so refreshing! We are making great progress with our new eating plan back home, from ‘mamma McGuinness’. We really do miss our beach training sessions…Fantastic family values and support. We are so happy to have found you!


Trish and Keith, London

What started out as just a quick 3 day getaway to enjoy some sun and a break from work, turned into one of the biggest adventures of my life. Tee and her endless patience, enthusiasm and constant motivation left me completely inspired and motivated to carry on with the beautiful and ‘ultra cool’ surfer lifestyle! Next time, I am bringing my kids! Stay cool…
Monica, Belgium